As a police officer, I never considered hemp CBD’s for pain relief, until I learned the difference between those and things containing THC.  Even though I live in a State that has approved marijuana for both medical and recreational use,  we are forbidden to use those as per Federal guidelines.  I’ve suffered from migraines several days a month for 30 years.  One day I was so desperate for relief, I went to my Primary Care physician, then later to the Emergency Room, but nothing they me had any effect on the pain.  My girlfriend who was driving me insisted I try her CBD oil, she just swears by.  I thought it didn’t work, at first, because I was expecting it would make me high, like pot did, when I smoked it in college.  I wasn’t cloistered in a dark, silent room, or any of my usual migraine routine. 15-20 minutes later, she asked how my head was feeling.  In truth, I had forgotten all about the migraine.  If I concentrated, I could tell it was there, but I was fully functional and had gone from a 10 to a 2 on the pain scale.  Now I use it daily, and have noticed fewer migraines, that are far less severe, and have none of the problems with showers and my morning coffee being too hot to handle from the vascular dilators I’d been prescribed.  Anointed Sanctuary’s oil is my personal wonder drug, that doesn’t compromise my role as a peace officer.  Thank you for such a great product.

-Derek Craig



Thank you so much! I love it already since it’s helped me enjoy my mornings, days and nights much better! I can control my Lyme symptoms!!! I look forward to doing business with you both! I’ll be back for the 3oz bottle so I can continue to share and show people how much your divine healing oils help so much, and so many things. .. Hope you all have a great weekend! 




I am opioid allergic, but have had several major orthopedic surgeries.  When I lived in Colorado I always got by with the help of medical cannabis products, but have relocated to a State that hasn’t gone medical yet.  I also have PTSD, as many of those surgeries were the results of assaults.  I’ve tried all kinds of hemp CBD products, that are all over the internet these days, which didn’t do much for pain, and didn’t do anything at all for the post-trauma. I thought I was up an unfortunate creek, without a paddle, until I found  Anointed Sanctuary’s   concentrated CBD oil. This is the best of the best available!  It actually does what the others promise.  Relief to both  body and mind, with no side effects.  I’m not running my internal organs ragged with anti-inflammatories. With regular use a couple of times a day, I’ve become pain-free altogether.  On my last trip to the doctor, he noticed the swelling from osteo arthritis in my ankle had reduced so dramatically, it made a true believer out of him.  The most flattering upside is that people regularly assume I’m ten to fifteen years younger than I am.  I credit that to the improved sleep.  This is medicine the way God intended it to be, and the closest thing there is to a true anti-aging beauty product I’ve ever found. What a total gift to my life!    

–Leslie Arroyo


   I was getting no sleep at all, with both shoulders bone-on-bone.  My orthopedic surgeon had exhausted all the traditional options, so I asked him what he thought about medical marijuana, even though my husband is a retired Federal Marshall.  He suggested a high concentration of CBD oil, which I didn’t know where to get.  Soon another of his patients called me, at his request, and offered to let me try hers, but she said the brand she used was the only one she would ever buy.  A half hour later, I had shoulder mobility I hadn’t had for years!  I went flapping my elbows like wings to show my husband, who said to get some right then and there.  I’m well into my 80’s but slept that night like I hadn’t since I was a child.  A month later, the patient my surgeon had sent to call me, ran into me at the grocery store.  At first she didn’t recognize me, because she said I looked ten years younger than I had the previous month.  I went out and got a new haircut to celebrate!  I use the 5000 mg strength orally, and also rub a few drops on my shoulders before going to bed every night. I can’t thank you enough for your product.  It’s given me a whole new lease on life and so much more energy than I ever dreamt I’d ever have again.  I didn’t realize how exhausted and depressed I had become, until I started waking  each morning, refreshed and energetic.  Bless the folks at Anointed Sanctuary for such a life saver.

-Dolores (last name withheld)


Hello friend!

   I am so glad I have found an amazing product like yours! The quick shipping is so appreciated. Also, it’s great that I can send patrons your way!  

  Yes, I’m only using your oil exclusively in everything, the response has been so positive that I refuse to use anything else. The reviews on the Whimsical Lather Facebook page are wonderful (please take a moment to check them out) but I received this one just last night, and honestly, it just makes me so happy (it’s a little crass lol) –

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  I’ve tried your oil under the tongue (as reddit recommended,) and I’d taking doing other brands under the tongue too.  Reddit said under the tongue was the best way to make CBD effective.  But the other day, I was in a hurry, so I just took my Green Mountain capsules by swallowing them. They worked soooooo much better that way, so I thought I would try it with your oil.  I have taken your oil before under the tongue and also by just swallowing it with mixed results.  I got some empty capsules (finally lol) today and put 25 drops in one to give it a go. It is fantastic! It is lasting a long time, and I feel incredibly relaxed.  I’m so glad I tried it this way 🙂 Excellent product! I guess under the tongue works for some people, and capsules just work better for others. 

    I like it better than the other plant infusions I’ve tried, though! It is so calming. Other infusions, if I would took too much, would make me really drowsy or out of it. With yours, though, I’m relaxed but still very alert. I’m glad, because I know I can take this and still go to work. And thank you so much for the extremely generous offer! I will continue use of the oil and keep you posted. I also love the vape 🙂

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